3D Animation

The inclusion of 3D objects, animated subjects or whole animated scenes brings each production closer to the high standard the viewers expect to see in a quality film or TV show.


Unfortunately, quality 3D effects require great financial investments and a continuous rendering period. Nevertheless, they are indispensable in the creation of the vision of each successful TV show or a movie.

Here you can see few examples from our project.

Making 3D Animated Movies
Autodesk Maya is a powerful post production software that can create 3D images and animations. It is even possible to create an animated movie completely within the software. Maya can be used to compile green screen effects, use motion capture, animate an object and much more. This software can be used integrated with other video editing software to produce the highest quality movie as possible.
Motion graphics Animated Backgrounds and Chroma Keying
Chroma keying is used specifically for blue screening. It is quite common and easy to use. One such excellent example is the weather broadcast during the news. The weather maps are seen in the background behind the weatherman, when he is actually standing in front of a blue screen. This is perfect for those interested in inserting an animated background behind actors.