Documentary films
Creating a film is actually easy and pleasant job when you have the experience you’ve accumulated after hundreds of finished projects.


Successful Films always result from the professional director’s work.
The best results when creating audio-visual work could be achieved only with investing the best of the building blocks that shape it up the way the sculptor shapes a statue. Good camera and professional attitude on behalf of the shooting team. Fascinating scenario and the power of director’s suggestion; all this plus the professional cutting are the small building blocks that make up the finished film. What would you say if script is written after shooting the video materials...


In the wild world of hunters and nature lovers video-shooting according to script is impossible to achieve. It is our experience that has taught us no matter how and who shot the raw video materials, they contain unique hits in addition to the huge quantity of unusable shots. Each video material that was shot in the dynamic environment of the reality events contains interesting story that thanks to the skilful work of the script-writer and the director could be turned into enchanting video story. There are no raw materials that cannot make an interesting film, as long as there is a good script and perfect video cutting.

It does not matter if you are a video operator full of enthusiasm or you have hired someone that will shoot you, but the selection of a team for the post-production of your film is essential. The Mitrel team is your best choice since we have hundreds of successful projects behind us; we love our job and invest all our potential in order to turn your movie into an unforgettable experience for you and your viewers.