Disk authoring is one of the last steps in post production. This refers to the burning of the disk and requires compiling together the audio, video and other data.


laying on a DVD player. Most DVD -authoring applications focus exclusively on video DVDs.

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Almost all of the data on the disk will be compiled in different sessions. A session will contain a lead in, table of contents, tracks and the lead out. Most sessions must have a minimum of 1 track. Normally for a movie there is a session for the main film and then other sessions for special features. Multisession disks are much more common today than they once were. You can set the number of sessions on your DVD.
Session Contents
The table of contents is the main menu of the disk. It is found in the lead in section. The lead in starts the session and will also contain information on the next free area of the disk. When a disk is burned, the session will be closed and the lead in will show where the disk stops. The lead out will end the session and has its own special area. The tracks are what contain the actual data such as the video.