The crew

Producer is highly self-motivated individuals, who have the final responsibility for all aspects of a film's production. . Very often the Producer is the first person to become involved in a project.

Generally though, the Producer shepherds the film from inception to completion and beyond, starting long before the film-making process and continuing to talk about and sell the picture long after everyone else has gone on to other projects.  Top film makers work with the same people over and over again.

Camera Operators
 perform a vital role within the camera work on documentary films regarding shot composition and development.They are usually the first people to use the camera's eye piece to assess how all the elements of the event, art direction, lighting, composition and camera movement come together to create the cinematic experience.The work is physically demanding, and requires high levels of strength and stamina. Hours are long (12-14 hours a day), and some foreign travel may be required, involving long periods spent away from base. From our experience we know that the best camera work can bring you more than 50% perfect footage. Compared to an average operator is able to do no more than 10 minutes good footage video on every one hour filmed video footage. This is only 16%. If the destination of the pictures is too far and the cost of trip is very high, then the good camera work is essential to the success of the project.
Post Production Supervisor are responsible for the post production process. Post Production is the term for the final stage in film making in which the raw material (shot by the Camera crew and recorded by the Production Sound crew) is edited together to form the completed film.The best news is that you can participate directly in the process via a remote internet connection to the workstation and to give their opinions and recommendations at any time to work on post-production.
Assistant Editors are responsible for running and maintaining Editing systems, and for the smooth running of the cutting room on feature films. The highly creative, challenging and rewarding job of an Editor is to work closely with the Director (you) after the filming is completed, to select shots and edit them into a series of scenes, which are in turn assembled to create a coherent whole, ensuring that the story flows effortlessly from beginning to end.
Title Designers design the opening titles for films, the captions that appear in the film giving details of time, place etc., and the end cards and moving roller listing all members of cast and crew.
Animation in all of its many facets has become an indispensable feature of cinema, television, internet, games, and mobile entertainment. Animation-based workflows represent the artistic and technical basis for the entertainment industry. Animation & Effects concentrates on the realization of directors ideas. All production technologies are available to our studio: computer animation, cartoon, stop trick, real-time animation and live action movies.
Screenwriters are responsible for researching the story, developing the narrative, writing the screenplay, and delivering it, in the required format. Screenwriters have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the story, plot and narrative, and creative imagination required to project their vision on to the page, and to breathe life and individuality into the film.This is the most important member of the successful film team.
Supervising Sound Editors are Heads of Department, responsible for all sound post production.Once film shoots have wrapped (been completed) the Post Production Sound Department begin work on constructing the sonic identity of the film. Sound Designers are responsible for providing any required sounds to accompany screen action.
Re-Recording Mixers, formerly known as Dubbing Mixers, work with all the sound elements (Dialogue, Automated Dialogue Replacement, Foley, Sound Effects, Atmospheres, and Music), and mix them together to create the final soundtrack.
ADR/Dialogue Editors ensure that all the required dialogue on film soundtracks is accurately placed, and of the best possible quality.
Music Editors help Directors to achieve their musical ambitions on films, and provide a crucial link between the film and the Composer.
The subtitling of documentary films enables deaf and hard of hearing audiences to enjoy films.