The way we work

Stage 1

In the light of your basic work guidelines and your concept, our team of a script-writer and a director will review the raw material. Then they will make a storyboard with the basic concept and will write a short script.

Stage 2

At that stage the raw video materials will be reviewed and sorted out in view of their quality and art value. The videos will be arranged in the script order and will be re-filtered once again in order to delete the surplus shots. Detailed script will be written and the narrator’s text will be recorded. Afterwards we will set the parameters for the necessary special visual effects or 3D animation. We will shoot additional interviews, if necessary. The composer will be assigned with the task to write the specific music, if necessary.

Stage 3

The video-cutting finalization is accompanied by fixing the special visual effects and animation.

Stage 4

The natural background sound will be added or replaced with special sound effects from our audio libraries. We will add up musical backgrounds and sound effects. Narrator’s voice will be synchronized in view of the ready cut film.

Stage 5

The ready film and the individual sound tracks will be exported in several formats and will be archived at several media. Description of the music that was used in the film will be performed, namely Quesheet. Usually audio is divided into international background and special background effects, music, narrator, mix of the entire sound without the narrator.

Stage 6

Preparation of the artwork materials (covers, brochures, image of the discs for DVD and Blu-ray) that are necessary for distributing the product. Authoring of the ready film for DVD with menus and their recording.

Stage 7

Depending on the contractual conditions demo copies on DVD are prepared in order to send them to the potential buyers. Or the order together with all the materials is delivered to the client.